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MI40X Review What You Need To Know

MI40X Review What You Need To Know

MI40X Review What You Need To Know

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MI40X Review

MI40X Review

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Building muscle effectively without spending tons of time in the gym is a challenge for anyone. If you are looking for a scientifically proven program, backed by university research that will get you perfectly cut, ripped abs then MI40X may be the program for you. MI40X  is a muscle building program that gives you inside secrets and trainings that have been proven to work.

MI40X Review What Is It?

MI40X is a training program that claims to provide secret techniques that will create 200% more muscle gain than with weight lifting alone. Nutritional and supplementary guides are tools which are also provided with this program along with results simulators such as ‘hyper-growth’ tricks that adds four pounds of ripped muscles every 11 days.

MI40X Review What I Like

I liked that MI40X revealed the secrets techniques that will kick start the muscle gaining process and results in a shirt ripping chest in a short period. I also liked that the author of this program is a body building expert! It is like having a personal trainer right in your home. All of the information that is needed to build muscles comes directly from the source, from someone who has tons of experience.  Below is a quick preview of what you can expect from the MI40X program:

Phase 1&2 are high volume approaches to working out.  You’ll be training each body part twice a week: one session will be using higher weight; the other will be emphasizing higher repetitions.

Phase 3 consists of a power and hypertrophy workouts with heavier weights (higher % of your one-rep max).

Phase 4 consists of strength training.

Phase 5 is dealoading–workouts designed to give your muscles and central nervous system a chance to rest and recover

Phase 6 is overreaching--a carefully planned “over-training” phase since you have just finished deloading.

Phase 7 is a hyper recovery phase. There’s not much training involved with this phase (as the name might imply).

The entire program is 18 weeks, so it’s a pretty good deal for your money (especially if you compare what it would cost to hire a personal trainer).


MI40X Review What I Didnt Like

There wasnt anything necessarily that I didn’t like about the MI40X. The program is well structured and well designed. However, as with anything else, the program must be followed step by step in order to achieve optimal performances.

MI40X Review Overall Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a program that is hands on, easy to follow and understand and has an instructor who is actually in the field then Ben Pakulski’s MI40X is the program for you. If you would like somewhat of a personal trainer, but cant really afford one, then Ben Pakulskis MI40X is what you need. He is easy to follow and will get you the muscle building results that you desire.

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