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Infertility and Stress

Normally, when a woman is trying to conceive, she is full of hope and excitement for the possibilities of what is to come. However, many women will struggle to get pregnant, and as the months pass without results, those feeling can turn into a tremendous amount of frustration and stress.

Some people question whether being under the stress of trying to conceive can actually cause infertility problems, or whether the stress is just a consequence of the infertility from other causes. Whatever the case, it can create a vicious circle where the woman begins to feel so much pressure from trying to conceive, that everything begins to spiral. Sometimes it can get to a point where having sex and the whole job of trying to get pregnant becomes too much of a chore, leaving the couple feeling resentful and overwhelmed.

It is important for people around the couple trying to conceive to not continue telling them to “just relax” or even worse, telling them how easy it was for them to get pregnant. These comments can add to the stress, making the woman wonder what could possibly be wrong with her since she is having a much harder time conceiving.

As a couple continues on trying to conceive, they may have to enlist the help of specialists and aides that can help them to get pregnant. They live in constant wonder of what the future holds, and whether any of their attempts will ever pay off. The stress of trying every month and then being let down over and over can begin to wear at even the strongest of couples.

Thankfully, there are treatments and advances in technology that can help many women conceive, and understanding that the stress they are feeling is normal can help them to cope with the anxiety and frustration they are feeling. If the stress gets to be too much, it may be time to take a step back and get the extra help that may be needed.

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