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Second Trimester Development

The second trimester is sometimes considered a bit of a resting period for many women, where the extreme fatigue and nausea eases, and they are not yet at a point of being uncomfortable with the extra weight. Many women will even feel energized and use this time to start getting everything ready for baby.

As the baby continues to grow, around the fourth month is often when the woman will begin to feel the baby moving around. It may feel like a slight flutter or bubble, and may be difficult to distinguish at first. The internal organs continue to grow into the fifth month, and muscle is growing on the baby. It will also be storing fat under the skin and hair is beginning to grow. The baby is very active and starts to have regular sleep and awake times.

In the sixth month, the brain continues to grow and it will even develop fingerprints. The baby’s skin is being protected by fine hair called lanugo and a waxy substance called vernix. Eggs will develop in the ovaries of baby girls. At this point, the baby is almost completely formed but the lungs are not developed enough for it to survive on its own without specialized care. By the end of the second trimester, the baby will have almost tripled its length from the beginning of this period, to anywhere between 11 to 14 inches crown to rump. It will weigh over one pound.

The second trimester is the period where the woman will begin to really feel pregnant. Regular clothing will not fit anymore, and it is obvious to everyone that she is pregnant. She has started to feel the baby move, and the pregnancy starts to feel “real”.

Along with this excitement though, some women will begin to experience some unpleasant effects like clumsiness, forgetfulness, backaches, constipation, hemorrhoids, heartburn and swelling. However, because she will likely be feeling more energy, often these effects are handled well while she goes about preparing for the baby.

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