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Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

There can be nothing more frustrating to the sleep deprived parent than a baby who refuses to sleep through the night, continuing to wake at all hours arousing the entire household. So, what can a parent do to encourage the best night’s sleep?

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Even a baby can understand and learn new routines. Taking the time to follow routines each night before bedtime can allow them to see that bedtime also means sleep time. Giving the baby a warm bath and then gently massaging lotion onto their bodies can help them to relax. Sitting quietly and reading a book shows them that the day is winding down.

Give Your Child a Security Object

A soft blanket or a cuddly teddy bear can be used to offer the baby security. These items can be carried around with you during the day so that they have your scent on them. Babies have a great sense of smell and when the baby wakes up and cuddles up to their security object, they can detect their parent’s scent.

Allow Them to Fall Asleep in their Beds

It is very important to start them as babies falling asleep on their own in their beds. While it can be easier to let them fall asleep while rocking them or giving them their night time feeding, in the long run it will encourage habits that will be even more difficult to break. They may fuss and fight going to sleep on their own for the first few nights, but if you can stick to it and not pick them back up when they cry, each night will get a little easier.

It can be easy for others to give advice about what you should be doing to get your baby sleeping through the night, but remember that you are the parent and know your baby’s temperament and habits. Find what works for you and your baby, and encourage well rested children as they grow.

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