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Planning Ahead for Bringing Baby Home

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital requires preplanning long before the baby is born. Having a plan in place will make the transition much smoother for everyone involved, especially the new mom. At least one month prior to the due date, make sure […]

Getting Ready for Baby – Baby-Proofing Your Home

Although a baby can’t get around on its own during the first few months, it is a good idea to baby-proof your home before or as soon as the baby is born. It can be surprising how quickly they will start getting around. Preparing ahead […]

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

Choosing to breastfeed or bottle feed is a completely personal decision that only the new mom can make. Many women feel pressured by professionals who feel breastfeeding is better and other well meaning people who might believe that bottle feeding is easier. In the end, […]

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

There can be nothing more frustrating to the sleep deprived parent than a baby who refuses to sleep through the night, continuing to wake at all hours arousing the entire household. So, what can a parent do to encourage the best night’s sleep? Establish a […]

Consequences of Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Drinking alcohol while pregnant can lead to irreparable damage of the growing fetus, and cause developmental problems that will affect the baby for the remainder of their lives. Everything a mother eats or drinks while she is pregnant will have lasting effects, and alcohol can […]

Baby’s First Year

The first year of a baby’s life is marked by major changes and development. That first year can be a whirlwind, but parents need to remember not to compare their baby’s development too much with others because every baby has their own schedule. While they […]

Second Trimester Development

The second trimester is sometimes considered a bit of a resting period for many women, where the extreme fatigue and nausea eases, and they are not yet at a point of being uncomfortable with the extra weight. Many women will even feel energized and use […]

Third Trimester Growth and Development

The third trimester brings excitement and more changes as the woman gets ready to meet her baby. However, as the baby grows more in preparation for the birth, she will begin to feel more uncomfortable, and the fatigue from the first trimester will return. Into […]

Recovering From a Cesarean Section

Recovery from childbirth is full of mood swings, tenderness in many parts of the body and extreme exhaustion. And, when the woman has also had to undergo a c-section to deliver the baby, she will have to go through the recovery of major surgery as […]

Potential Side Effects of an Epidural

Women now have the choice to be given epidural anesthesia to help with pain during active labor. Local anesthetic will be administered into the epidural space of the spine which will be given continuously through a small catheter that is left taped to the woman’s […]