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Infertility and Stress

Normally, when a woman is trying to conceive, she is full of hope and excitement for the possibilities of what is to come. However, many women will struggle to get pregnant, and as the months pass without results, those feeling can turn into a tremendous […]

VBAC After a Cesarean Section

In the past, if a woman delivered a baby through cesarean section she had no choice for her next delivery other than another c-section. There was no chance she could try to deliver vaginally as the risks were just too high. However, with the advances […]

Stages of Labor – What to Expect

Every labor will be different for each woman. Some will be over in no time, while others will test all of the woman’s stamina and endurance through hours of gruelling labor. But, what they can expect are three stages to go through when the time […]

Dealing With Morning Sickness

Many women will suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Not all women will get it, but for those who do, the severity of symptoms varies. Some women may suffer only mild nausea from time to time, while another may be […]

Eating Healthy While Pregnant

When a woman gets pregnant, she should expect to gain at least 25 to 30 pounds. Eating healthy is very important for the growth and development of the baby, so following some basic guidelines can help the woman avoid any extra weight gain while ensuring […]

Understanding the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

A good massage always does the body good, but never is this truer than when a woman is pregnant. Massage offers relief from the discomforts of pregnancy brought on by the many changes happening in her body along with the added stress of a growing […]

Signs & Symptoms That Labor is Starting

As the due date approaches, many women start to worry that they will not know when they are in labor, or that they will make the mistake that they are having contractions which turn out to be false labor. All of this worry can cause […]

Dealing With Colic

All babies will cry now and then – that is the way they express their needs to the people caring for them. And, some babies will seem to have times where they cry more than others. But when a baby is colicky, it takes the […]

What to Expect in the First Trimester

The first thing a woman will wonder when she finds out that she is pregnant, is what changes are happening already in her body and how her baby is developing. The first trimester is a time of major changes in her body, and the developing […]

Is it Postpartum Depression or Just the Baby Blues?

After the baby is born, everyone believes that life becomes perfect – with that beautiful baby the family was anxiously waiting to meet. And, while life does change, and that wonderful new baby is even more loved than anyone could have thought possible, in reality […]