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My Out Of Control Teen Review

My Out Of Control Teen Review

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It goes without saying, troubled teens often become out of control teens. If you have a difficult teen, you have lived through the temper tantrums, outbursts, and poor decision making. As a parent, it can be difficult to manage and frankly, quite scary. As a working parent, it can be even more difficult to find a solution that works with your already busy schedule.

My belief is that EVERY teen, no matter how troubled, can be turned into a better and even productive teen. For parents searching for answers and dealing with troubled teens, a great resource we have come across is a parenting eBook, My Out of Control Teen by Mark Hutten. In this eBook, Mr. Hutten discusses strategies around how to regain control for even the most strong-willed and difficult teenagers. The program is very different as it covers common struggles but uses very different techniques (that might surprise you-in a good way). Key topics worth mentioning in My Out Of Control Teen eBook include:

  • How to prevent disputes or arguments
  • How to prevent power struggles between parents and their teenagers
  • How to make a teenager do what a parent wants them to do without being challenged
  • How to be a firm but responsive parent
  • How to lessen conflicts between parents and teenagers

My Out of Control Teen Review – What is included?

My Out of Control Teen is not just an eBook, but also an online parent support group. It includes  numerous tools that both give support and tell you how to deal with your troubled teenager. Specifically, with My Out of Control Teen, you get:

  • The Out-of-Control Teen eBook, (which is the text version of the parent program Mark Hutten has conducted at the Madison County Youth Center)
  • An audio version of the above parent-program
  • Free access to the OPS (Online Parent Support) website and the parent forum
  • Bi-weekly newsletters with additional resources
  • Full support by phone or email or via the OPS chat room

My Out of Control Teen Review – What I like

The My Out of Control Teen program has a great deal to offer anyone struggling with their teen. The techniques and strategies offered are different than your standard self-help book and it is structured to help you succeed instead of making you feel overwhelmed or helpless.

The program also offers a number of videos which is wonderful if you are a visual learner. It covers additional/more complex topics such as ADHD, drugs, and alcohol addiction with teenagers. The video and audio portions also keep the program interesting as they provide several mediums to learn and apply the strategies presented.

For me, the best part was the parent forum. As a member, you can actually have direct access to the author, Mark Hutten who will field just about any question or concern. Through the My Out of Control Teen chat room you are given the encouragement you need as you realize you are not alone in this journey. This is priceless.

My Out of Control Teen Review- What I Didn’t Like

When reviewing a product,  I always look for the pieces they could have done better. The ebook, audio, and video portions combined really make this product a complete solution. The only way to make it better would be to sit in a room with Mark Hutten himself.

My Out of Control Teen Review – Overall Thoughts

I wish that the My Out of Control Teen program had been available to me (or my parents) during some of my struggles as a teenager. Let’s face it; everyone needs a little help now and then and this program offers not just tools but a forum for collaboration.

Additionally, the program comes with a 100% guarantee.  So if My Out of Control Teen doesn’t work for you then you aren’t out anything.  You are just armed with some facts that you may not have had before and a few that may still slip in now and then.

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