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NatureBox Review

NatureBox Review

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As working mothers, finding healthy snacks for our kids and for us is hard. We all have our good days and our not-so-good days. One of my biggest challenges is to give my kids healthy snack options everyday. Whether it is a quick snack to take for school or a healthy afternoon snack after the bus or on the weekends, it is always a challenge. My youngest has a major sweet tooth and pulling him away from the Girl Scout Cookies after school is always a challenge.

At school, healthy snacking is tough because there are so many other kids around with ‘better’ snacks (trust me, I hear about all the other great snacks at school and how our snacks are lame). While at home, it is also difficult to make healthy snacking a priority amidst all the other chaos. Lets face it, pre-packaged snacks (with all the crap in ‘em) are easier and more convenient. You can keep them in the pantry, in the car, in the kids’ backpacks. They are tons easier but in addition to all the bad ingredients, these snacks carry a lot of guilt for mom.

I have checked out a rather new product called NatureBox and believe it has the best of both. It is convenient for working moms and it is healthy. The perfect solution.

NatureBox Review- What is it?

NatureBox is an online site where you can shop, select, and have healthy snacks delivered right to your door. It is a great, convenient option for us hard working moms. It is one of these new “subscription sites” which just means that you are signing up for a monthly delivery of these items. NatureBox has several different boxes to choose from in different price ranges beginning at $19.95. Depending on which size you order, you will have some choices to make. You get to choose which snacks you will receive by picking from a wide range of products. Some of their most popular selections include: French Toast Granola, South Pacific Plantains, Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels, and Pistachio Power Clusters. Hungry yet?

NatureBox Review- What I Like

Lets start with the great NatureBox website. I love that they have a beautiful website full of pictures of all the great snacks. In addition, they have a great selection of snacks for all of us who are hungry.

The most important thing is obviously the quality of the snacks. All the reviews indicate that the quality of the items are top-notch. They also have search choices that help if you have dietary restrictions. You can sort through and just view snacks that are soy free, lactose free, nut free, vegan and they have a “glucose conscious” selection. This is great if you have dietary issues in the house.

Another great thing about NatureBox is that you can try this company and their healthy snacks risk-free. Once you have signed up, shipping of the boxes is free and you can cancel at any time. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. This makes it a great thing to try.

NatureBox Review- What I Didn’t Like

The only thing that I did not like about NatureBox is that they offer a “nut free” selection of snacks but after speaking to someone in customer service, I don’t really know how they can make that assertion. The items that don’t contain nuts are still processed alongside the items with nuts. Anyone with a nut allergy in the house (and we have a son with a nut allergy) will tell you that you can never be too safe. While NatureBox indicated to me that they are working on getting a separate facility so they can truly have a “nut free” option, for my youngest, he will just have to wait to try NatureBox.

NatureBox Review- Overall Thoughts

Snacking is the number one cause of childhood obesity. I am aware of this statistic and I am trying hard to make healthy snacks available for my kids. These days, it is so hard to do. Not only do you have to have them on hand but the kids have to LIKE the healthier snacks or it is wasted food. NatureBox is trying to fix this by making better, healthier options available for snacking. They are also making it easy by letting you pick it out online and then deliver it to your door. Healthy snacking doesn’t get better than that, for more information check out NatureBox.

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