Talking to Toddlers Review – What you need to know

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Talking To Toddlers Review

Talking To Toddlers Review

This is our review for Talking To Toddlers. For more information on Talking To Toddlers, click the link below:

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Talking to your toddler, or dealing with toddler behavior can cause parenting stress especially for first-time parents. Most parents are not equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to discipline your little one. I myself have experienced the “terrible twos”, “the trying threes”, and even the “freak-out fours”. Add in the challenges of working (part time or full time), and outbursts can really add to your stress level. In the program, Talking to Toddlers, you are provided techniques on how to get your little one to do what you are hoping for WITHOUT tantrums, or fits, or any unpleasantness. The premise of the program is to help your child feel that they have the “the keys to the car”, or control. Kids LOVE feeling like they are in control, and this program derived from neuro-linguistic programming and language, shows you exactly how to get there.

Talking To Toddlers Review – What is It?

Talking to Toddlers is an audio book developed by Chris Thompson who specializes in communication. Chris explains simply, that toddlers don’t have the communication abilities to tell us what they want or how they feel about things. When parents try to figure it out (and solve it often incorrectly), what follows is usually a temper tantrum. In Talking To Toddlers, Chris shows parents that logic doesn’t really work with little ones (it doesn’t make sense to them), and instead teaches them how to connect from an emotional level.

In the Talking To Toddlers program, you get a set of downloadable MP3′s, along with a PDF of the course summary. Each lesson lasts about 20 minutes.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction including key concepts
  • Lesson 2: Double Binds and Presuppositions
  • Lesson 3: Get What You Want Without Saying “NO”
  • Lesson 4: Yes/NO/Compliance Sets
  • Lesson 5: Commitment and Consistency
  • Lesson 6: Reciprocity
  • Lesson 7: Pick Your Battles
  • Lesson 8: Reframing
  • Lesson 9: State Management and Anchoring
  • Lesson 10: Embedded Comments and Quotes Technique
  • Lesson 11: Dealing With Physical Pain
  • Lesson 12: Threats and Punishments

Talking To Toddlers Review – What I like

Talking To Toddlers comes in an audio, MP3 program, so you can literally listen to it anytime.  For a working mother, this is definitely a pro. If you have a morning commute, this would be a great time to consider diving into the content.

The program itself, gives you several approaches to a problem and lots of solutions. The goal is to find the one that works for you. Really, it’s a guide to enjoying your children and your time with them.

Focusing on “presuppositions” and using positive reinforcement you can get your toddler to see your view and comply with your goals- this is the key. Additionally, the Talking To Toddlers methods taught are very easy to follow (in fact, you can even use them on your spouse).

Talking To Toddlers Review- What I didn’t like

Talking To Toddlers reviews a ton about physiology (and how little ones cannot understand logic). As a mom, although understanding physiology is important, I also believe that a solid relationship with your toddler must involve mutual respect. Although Chris does cover this, it is done briefly and instead focuses more on the quick fixes to prevent tantrums (of which is really what most parents are looking for).

While I will not admit to mastering all the techniques in Talking to Toddlers, I now find myself stopping and thinking about how I can turn the situation around before anything has happened.  I’m ahead of the game, and I like it.

Talking To Toddlers Review – Overall Thoughts

My overall impression of Talking To Toddlers is that Chris knows what he’s talking about when using physiological techniques to get people to do what you want. If your looking a way to have a better communication with your toddler, and get them to stop saying the work “No!”,  check out Talking to Toddlers.

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