The Abundance Code Review – Does it Work?

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the abundance code review
the abundance code review

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The Abundance Code is a grouping of eBooks (also available in audio file format) which offers strategies to bring positivity and abundance to your life in 7 minutes a day. It uses ancient secrets combined with the latest in brain science.

The Abundance Code Review – What is it?

The Abundance Code is a 5 step approach of which focuses on begin perspective- orientated, and does quite a bit of review on brain wave patterns and techniques to help you attract everything you want in life. The Abundance Code books offer quite a bit of discussion on defining your goals in life, developing a passion for those goals and how to achieve them, visualizing these objectives, and taking action.

However, most people seem to have trouble in implementing the advice offered in the self-help books in their daily lives. Mike Evans promises to also help you stay committed to your goals. The audio series are thus divided into 5 separate modules namely:

  • Module 1: Crystal clear vision
  • Module 2: Relaxing and balancing your mind
  • Module 3: Emotional visualization of goals
  • Module 4: Daily Inspired Action Planner
  • Module 5: Making course corrections
  • Module 6: The Emotional Freedom Technique (helping you tap your hidden stream of energy)
  • Module 7: Master Class in Big Goals (helps you in long term goals like setting up a business, raising a family etc.)

The Abundance Code Review – What I Like

If you are suffering from either low motivation, energy, or need to get targeted on your life goals, The Abundance Code is very helpful. Users really liked the portion on meditation, and the calming and soothing music enhanced much of the experience. The NEW thing about The Abundance Code is that it includes free bonuses. One of them is the Full Harmonized Thinking in Minutes. Many of our readers stated that once they put on their headphones and entered into a relaxed state, they felt like achieving their goals was easy and attainable.

The Abundance Code even comes with a 60-day no satisfaction money back guarantee. Additionally, The Abundance Code is very affordable as compared to many other self help books in this category (the Law of Attraction). At $37.00, it is a great product and it comes with a money back guarantee so there is little risk from the user.

The Abundance Code Review – What I Didn’t Like

The Abundance Code is a solid self help book in the area of goal setting and reaching your full potential.  As with anything, the benefits realized from this book series are going to be a direct result of the energy put forward into the lessons and application.

The Abundance Code Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’re simply interested in buying any affordable self-help book, the Abundance Code is a fine book to buy but if you’re expecting something truly transformational from it, you’d be majorly disappointed. Mike Evans has priced The Abundance Code at $37.

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